Little Tikes RC Bumper Cars

4135  RC cars are fun but to be able to crash them into each other is a kid’s dream. Little tikes RC Cars bumper cars when they hit each other the look of delight on a kids face is priceless. I wonder why kids are so happy being destructive. The excitement and joy they feel when they see the driver being ejected from the car is really funny.  The little tikes cars were made for this, a kid’s delight.

Little Tikes Bumper Cars are the only remote control cars that allow kids to “bump” their opponent and launch the driver right out of the car! When a car “bumps” into one of the other car’s wheels, the toy figure will eject from the driver’s seat!
RC Cars bumper carsWhat kid doesn’t love remote control cars? It’s cool that they took something that kids might fight about(being crashed into by each others cars) and turned it into the main point, with the funny extra of the little drivers popping out. This is a great thing for the whole family!! My husband is going to be 60 and he wants me to.purchase a set for him and I.
If your kids like remote vehicles, they might like these too! The cars do have to be synced one at a time. Both controls need batteries as well as the the two cars. There is so much to do with them- race, create obstacle courses, chase them (as my 1.5 year old did! ha!). They are very well made. One of the main pros is that they work simultaneously yet also independently of each other. Battery life drains quickly so be sure to turn off both the car and controller when not in use, total batteries were 10 AAA batteries. Use on hard smooth floor. Works better than on the carpet.

(Little Tikes bumper cars) are better suited to preschool kids and toddlers. The drivers fly out of their seats when they bump and what makes it fun for the kids is that it doesn’t have to bump that hard (but not so sensitive that they are constantly out). It is always fun to have a new toy that everyone enjoys. Original post….
Little tike bumper cars will add enjoyment to your little ones play. The hours of playing with the car and crashing into each other will be sheer delight for your little one. And don’t be too surprised if you find yourself and older kids playing with them too!